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2014 Trampoline and Tumbling Team Rules 

Practice Attire:

Girls:  leotard, shorts are optional, socks for double-mini and trampoline, hair needs to be up if it can touch the top of the athlete’s shoulders.  Tank tops and shorts or pants are not appropriate workout attire.

Boys:  shirt needs to be tight enough that it doesn’t come up; shorts need to be workout styles that show the athlete’s knees without buttons, pockets or zippers.

Practice Attendance:

All athletes need to be at practice on their scheduled days, unless prior arrangements have been made.  Make-ups need to be scheduled through Courtney, due to many classes being full.

If a practice needs to be missed, please email Courtney to let her know what is going on.

Make-up classes:

Unlike the other teams at LIS, trampoline and tumbling does allow make-ups.  All make-ups have to be schedule through Courtney and cannot exceed more than two make-up classes per month.

Private Lessons:

Private Lessons may only be done with coaches that are trampoline and tumbling team staff at Let It Shine.  Athletes are not to seek tumbling or trampoline instruction elsewhere.

Additional Classes:

When your athlete is on the trampoline and tumbling team, he/she is only to do team practices.  We offer additional practice times if your athlete wants more class time, but other programs such as cheer/tumble, girl’s recreation and boy’s recreation are not permitted.


If more than one month is missed in a year then the athlete will not be able to compete that next season.  This includes the summer months.  Injuries or extenuating circumstances do not apply to this rule. 


The Let it Shine Trampoline and Tumbling team is a competitive team.  For an athlete to remain on the team he/she need to compete in the required number of meets before the Regional Competition.  If your athlete is:

Levels 1-2, the required number is 2

Level 3, the required number is 3

Levels 4-6, the required number is 4

Levels 7-10, the required number is 5


If the meet requirement is not met the athlete will be removed from the team, unless illness or injury is the reason for the missed meets.  Paying for the meets is not a way to get around attending them.

*For those athletes planning on competing at the National Championships, the Regional Championships is not optional.

Required Payments:

In years pasted, I have chased down and sent many emails to the parents who do not get their money in on time.  I will not be doing that this year.  I set due dates for meet fees because I have deadlines that have to be met.  Due to some parents not getting their money in on time last season, we had some kids without the correct attire for the first meet.  Please turn your money in on or before the due date assigned.

All meets have coaches’ fees attached.  Two checks will be taken up for each meet.

All meet, coaches, USAG and apparel fee checks will be made out to:  Let It Shine Gymnastics

Meet Refunds:

If your child is sick and cannot make it to a meet that he/she has paid for, a refund can be obtained minus a processing fee taken by the meet.  The way this happens is if a doctor’s note with a statement from the doctor is given to Courtney prior to leaving for the meet.  It has to be turned in to the meet director before the meet starts.

Coaches’ Fees Refunds:

Coaches’ fees will not be refunded, whether your athlete has attended the meet or not.  The expenses are divided among all team members who have paid the meet fee for the competition evenly.  Any coaches’ fees not paid, the expenses come out of the coaches’ pockets.

Competition Levels:

All competition levels are decided by Courtney and the coaching staff.  An athlete’s level is mostly based on his or her skill level and mobility scores being reached; however, practice, meet attendance and scores from the prior season also go in to the level consideration.  Changing of levels during midseason does exist.  Moving to a higher level during the season happens due to the skills not being ready for competition prior to the first meet fee being due.  Once a child has competed a level, he or she is unable to move down in the level system due to USAG rules.

Meet Information:

In the past I have sent many emails out about competitions.  This season we have a website that will have our most up to date information on it.  Please subscribe to this so that you can see when any changes have been made or information that you need has been added.

The trampoline and tumbling team website:

Gym Holidays:

Throughout the year the gym is closed for holidays, these breaks will be posted on our website.  If the gym is closed the practices missed are not eligible for make-up.

Coach Communication:

The best way to reach Courtney for everyday questions as well as meet questions is email.

My email address: